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The One Vitamin Your Toddler Needs

There are so many vitamins out there… and your baby is a little human that needs nutrition just like we all do. But there is one vitamin that your toddler needs.

…And THIS vitamin will help your child grow up into a responsible adult.

What is it?

Vitamin N.

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What? Vitamin N?

Yep, that’s right. Vitamin N. If you haven’t guessed it by now, vitamin N is the word “no”.

Your child needs to be told no by his or her parents soon after reaching the toddler stage. As a parent, you have instincts that let you know when your child is ready. It usually happens somewhere between 18 months and 2 years.

Why does my baby need vitamin N?

It’s simple, really. They have to learn that the world does not, in fact, revolve around them.

For the first few years of a child’s life, the world does revolve around them.

It has to.

That’s because a baby is truly helpless. They cannot feed themselves without help, they cannot clean themselves up or make themselves warm. Even when they start to crawl around or explore, they inevitably get into things that could get them killed. That could be putting things into their mouths or into electrical sockets, crawling into dangerous places and being drawn to harmful things.

During that time, it’s a parent’s job to make sure that the small baby doesn’t kill or hurt themselves.

When the baby cries, the parents come running. The baby needs something, whether it be food, comfort, or a new diaper. It’s necessary and expected.

But at some point in time, the world revolving around the child has to stop.

Tell me more…

As they become more aware of the world around them, they start to understand some things. One of those things is the word “no”. So when your toddler becomes more in tune with their fingers and cause and effect they may try to, let’s say, put a pen into an electrical socket.

Just as your toddler understands on some level that a small, pointy object may fit into that hole… they will also understand that mommy said “no” in a way that they didn’t like. Typically I include a small tap on the wrist if the behavior I’m saying “no” to doesn’t stop. So if the pen goes towards the socket, I say “no”, while giving the wrist a small tap… light enough to not hurt but hard enough to startle. I then remove the pen from their possession to not allow them to do it again.

Your baby understands that, I promise.

Your child might throw a fit. That’s okay, it’s something they have to do. Just stand your ground. Tell them you love them, hug and cuddle them. Just don’t give that pen back and don’t allow them to do the things you told them “no” to.

They need the Vitamin N to start learning that their parents are the authority, and maybe the world does not revolve around them. This helps to reduce headaches down the road that will inevitably result from never teaching a child this lesson.

If a child is allowed to do anything and everything they want, they will quickly grow into an entitled human being. If they believe that every cry and desire of theirs should be met by their parents, they are not learning a valuable world lesson.

Without Vitamin N

Think about the middle schooler that’s never been told no. Their science project is due tomorrow morning, and they did nothing. Crying they come to their parents, at a loss of what to do. They beg and they plead and make a huge fuss. So, mom and dad stay up all night doing their project for them. They might get an A, but did they learn anything about responsibility?

Not only that, mom and dad stayed up all night doing their child’s science project. That’s terribly inconvenient.

When that child grows up and gets a job, their boss won’t care if they do poor work because of a flimsy excuse. They can’t cry and moan when they are tasked with something they don’t want to do. If they have a proposal due the next morning for work, mom and dad can’t do that for them like they did the science project.

Vitamin N: a powerful lesson

It all starts as a toddler.

A small vitamin that makes a huge difference.

Learning to take responsibility for their actions young will help them do the same in the future.

The toddler that was told “no” eventually realizes that there is someone they need to look up to and obey. They have expectations upon them and rules that are expected to be followed.

If they learn to work well with expectations from their parents, then when they get to school they are better prepared for the expectations from their teachers. Then, when they become adults they are better prepared for the expectations placed upon them from their boss or society.

Giving your toddler a little Vitamin N is the best thing you can do for them. Go ahead, give it a try.

I first learned about Vitamin N from John Rosemond, a psychologist and “parenting guru”. Check out this video on what he has to say about Vitamin N.

My name is Kealy, and I’m an RN and Lactation Counselor. Being a mommy is a huge blessing in my life and I’d be happy to share more information on motherhood with you! And of course, if you need breastfeeding help that’s what I’m best at! Visit my website for my newest breastfeeding class.

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