Other Options for Breastfeeding Support

I’ve been where you are! I needed help and couldn’t find what I was looking for. If you want more options, we can talk about services just for you! I offer discounts for large packages or extended support.

You've made it through labor and delivery and now is the time you should be enjoying your baby...

But you feel like things aren’t going as easy as they should and breastfeeding is hard.

What you really need is support, from someone who has been where you are right now.

Hi, I'm Kealy and I help mamas and their little bears breastfeed successfully.

I know what it’s like to try to function when your baby is up all night, eating every hour because they aren’t getting enough during day feedings. When they cry so much while trying to breastfeed that you don’t know how you’ll ever be successful. When help is hard to find, a long distance away, or terribly expensive.

It doesn't have to be that way, though!

When I couldn’t find the help I needed, I decided to offer moms a better option! As a nurse, I became certified in lactation counseling and created an online business to help moms and their babies breastfeed from the comfort of home- at an affordable price. 


If you feel alone and need professional support, look no further! I offer everything from single phone consults and texting to comprehensive packages to support all your breastfeeding needs.

lactation consultant

Here are some options I offer:

With all services, support is initiated by a thorough history of you and your baby. This history is the first step in my breastfeeding services and helps me get to know you and the problems you are facing.

3 video or phone consults plus 2 weeks of texting: $150. This includes a thorough history of you and your baby, and troubleshoots issues. Extended support offers additional help.

2 consults plus 1 week of texting: $100. For moms that have hit a small bump in the road and need additional support throughout one weeks time. 

4th trimester package: $400. Some people call the 3 months after birth the “4th trimester”. That’s because it’s often difficult. For moms that want support for the full 3 months after birth, this is a great option. It includes up to 2 consults per month and 3 months of texting.

Want something else? Please contact me! I’m open to talking things through with you and helping you find support that fits your lifestyle and budget. 

...breastfeeding support can come in many shapes and sizes just like mommies and babies!

How to book other options

Not sure you see support you want? Schedule a free 10 minute consultation and we will discuss how to best support you. 


For any of the above options, please schedule a free 10 minute initial consultation so I can talk with you about the services you want.