Formula Feeding

Little Bear Care’s formula feeding blog is a resource for every formula feeding parent. From a Registered Nurse who specializes in feeding babies, you’ll find everything you need about giving your baby formula.

Benefits of Formula Feeding – You Can Feel Good About It!

Benefits of Formula Feeding The benefits of breastfeeding are talked about frequently, but what about the benefits of formula feeding?  A large number of moms formula feed their babies, so it only makes sense to talk about the benefits of formula feeding too.  This article will address formula feeding and all of the positives – …

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Supplementing With Formula & Breastfeeding

Supplementing Breastfeeding With Formula Maybe you were told that supplementing with formula is medically necessary.  Perhaps you are wondering if it would make your life a bit easier to supplement with formula along with breastfeeding.  Or you could be worried that your baby isn’t getting enough from breastfeeding alone!  We’ll talk about all these things, …

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