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“No matter where you are in your breastfeeding journey, breastfeeding is hard and Kealy is soo helpful.” ~ Rachel

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What Are The Breastfeeding Secrets?

Let me start with a story.


When I had my first baby, I thought breastfeeding would be easy. I thought it would be natural and come to me just like breathing.


Why did I think that?


Simple. People told me that’s how it would be.


I remember my mom shrugging her shoulders and saying that she “just breastfed” us.


I’d ask other people who remarked that they decided not to breastfeed “because formula is easier”.


I truly had no idea what to expect, I only had what others were saying as a guide.


Oh, and one more thing.


I’m a nurse with experience in the NICU. I saw moms breastfeed in the NICU daily.


No, it didn’t always look easy. But they always had a good attitude because they loved the time they got to spend feeding and cuddling their baby.

I was sure that as a nurse I knew enough to breastfeed without problems.

It couldn't be that hard right?

Boy was I wrong.

I had my daughter and faced struggles from day one. She wouldn’t latch on and breastfeed. I was stumped, I thought that she was supposed to… just DO it.


Day after day, she refused to latch on, and day after day, I grew increasingly worried. How was I failing as a mom this early in the journey? Why couldn’t I do something as simple as feed my child?


Sure enough, she developed jaundice from not eating enough. Feeling dejected and out of options, I started pumping. Knowing nothing about how milk supply works, I pumped so much that I was miserable and in pain from engorgement and over-supply. (I cried, A LOT.)


I still pushed on though. As a mom, I would do anything for my child. How could I have so much love for this little human that I’ve only seen for 3 months? I guess that’s the beauty behind’s a mom’s heart huh.

When my daughter was 3 months old, my hard work paid off.

After 3 exhausting months pumping and trying to breastfeed, I finally did it.


My beautiful daughter latched on and I was breastfeeding like a PRO!


It took lots of trial and error, and some help from lactation counselors, but I did it! I was overwhelmed but so so happy.


Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for things to take a down turn again.


I started to worry about my milk supply. I wavered, and fell off the breastfeeding train when my daughter was 4 months old.


I was heartbroken, and went to bed with swollen eyes daily. My husband had to constantly remind me that I was not a failure of a mom.


However, one day, something clicked. I was tired of crying, and wanted to try feeding my child again. I needed something, some way to pick myself up and start over.


So I decided to take my nursing experience and become a certified lactation counselor.

It took me 2 full months to learn all about lactation. However, I was absolutely blown away by how much there was to learn about breastfeeding!(My daughter was now 6 months old.)


I was SO amazed that I decided to relactate. That wasn’t easy, but I KNEW that breast milk was SO much better for her health and for my own.



My daughter was given the benefits of breast milk until she turned one year old, and I’ve not had a more proud moment in my life.

So here I am to take all that I learned and pass it on to you.

The BIGGEST Secrets To Breastfeeding Success Are...


As a new mom, I know how daunting everything is. Your emotions are running high(thanks hormones!), you’re not getting enough sleep, and you have a new LIFE that you’re in charge of.


I don’t want you to go through what I went through.

I don’t want you to think you’re a failure of a mom.

I don’t want you to sit there helpless, watching your baby get more and more malnourished as days go by.


My aim is to help you breastfeed with ease. It’s one of the times where you’re closest with your child, and it’s an incredibly intimate experience. I say this with 100% confidence.  There are few things in life that comes close to breastfeeding your child.


I want to provide you with the knowledge of breastfeeding basics, for you to be equipped to breastfeed in the face of challenges.

I want you to have all the tools you need to breastfeed from day one.

I want you to have so much breastfeeding knowledge in your toolkit that breastfeeding becomes EASY.



Know this.

It won’t be perfect because…


Even though breastfeeding is natural, it isn’t always easy. 


However, I assure you that I’ll be here at every step of your journey. You’ll be holding the hand of an experienced mom who has been through it before, and is a Certified Lactation Counselor.


You’ll be equipped with knowledge in ways you wouldn’t have imagined…


And when you combine knowledge with support, you have everything you will need to breastfeed with success.

With this class, you'll have everything you need to breastfeed right from the start.

And if you've already started but run into some bumps in the road, this class will equip you to overcome them.

Here's What The Class Includes

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What Will You Get out of It?

CONFIDENCE to Breastfeed

You'll have the confidence to breastfeed your baby successfully.

And that's a guarantee.

In fact, I'm so sure you'll breastfeed successfully that I'm giving you a 30 day 100% money-back guarantee.

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What People Are Saying

Kealy helped give me the knowledge I needed to not give up. My son is now 3 months old and is a very happy fully breastfed baby. I'm so thankful for Little Bear Care! I love that I'm able to give my baby all the benefits of nursing and also enjoy the bond that nursing brings to my baby and me.


This advice was so convenient for me as life with a newborn is pretty time consuming. Highly recommend!


I felt like I had an advocate on my side. Someone who equipped me. She made me feel less overwhelmed.


How Do I Know If This Class Is Right for Me?

Pregnant & Expecting Moms

If you’re pregnant, this class is for you! You’ll be equipped with everything you need to breastfeed your baby successfully. 

Start off on the right foot with all the knowledge and tools you need to start off right. Having knowledge will help you avoid the difficult breastfeeding pitfalls many new moms face.

New Moms

Are you a new mom? This is the perfect time to get started on the class. 

It’s only 40 minutes long, short enough to find time in your busy day but long enough to contain everything you need to know about breastfeeding. 

Moms Struggling To Breastfeed

I’ve been there too. Breastfeeding has its ups and downs. Struggling with breastfeeding can be discouraging, but take heart. It will get better! 

This class is for you to have all the tools you need to overcome breastfeeding struggles. Having knowledge will lead you to breastfeeding success.

Meet Kealy

kealy hawk a certified lactation counselor holding a baby

Hey there!

My name is Kealy. 

I’m a nurse and most importantly a mommy! In fact that’s why I got into lactation counseling in the first place.

When I had my first baby, breastfeeding was SO HARD. She didn’t want to latch, was malnourished and had jaundice. I dealt with supply issues, clogged ducts, and a whole lot more problems. 

I looked for help, but it was either incredibly expensive or a trek across town that I couldn’t muster up the energy to do.

I decided to put my RN experience to good use and be a breastfeeding helper to moms everywhere. 

I’ve been blessed to be able to meet moms where they’re at, and I work hard to make sure they feel heard. Because that’s what I wanted when I had breastfeeding struggles!

My passion is helping mommies and babies achieve breastfeeding success... let me help you!

Join Me on Your Journey to Find Breastfeeding Success!

Here's To A Happy Mommy And Healthy Baby.

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