Our Priority: Happy Moms and Healthy Babies

Baby Feeding. One of the most important things we do for them. But it isn’t always easy…

Little Bear Care is here to help.

Online Breastfeeding Course

Online Breastfeeding Course

Are you a mommy that:

  • Desires to start breastfeeding right?
  • Wants to know more about breastfeeding?
  • Needs answers about keeping your milk supply up?
  • Has questions about starting solids and teething?
  • Wonders how to wean when you’re done breastfeeding?

This class is for you! This evidence-based class was made by a Registered Nurse and mommy who wants moms to have all they need for breastfeeding success.

Online Formula Course

online baby formula course

This class will teach you:

  • The most important ingredients in formula.
  • How to choose the right formula for your baby.
  • To prevent tummy issues (hint: paced feeding).
  • How to keep your baby safe.
  • The best way to switch to a new formula.

Taught by a Registered Nurse and mommy who struggled to feed her first baby – this class will set you up for success! Be confident you’re making the best choices for your baby.

Online/Phone Consultation

lactation consultation

A good option if you:

  • Want individualized support.
  • Have specific questions that Google can’t answer.
  • Need help breastfeeding and maintaining your milk supply.
  • Want individualized recommendations for baby formula.

Kealy is a Registered Nurse specializing in feeding babies and supporting moms. She went through it all with her first baby and has helped countless moms on their baby feeding journey.