Breastfeeding Continued

A crash course for moms & their babies to navigate 6-18 months of breastfeeding.

From starting solids to weaning and everything in between.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

For babies under 6 months, our Breastfeeding Basics class is for you!

"Kealy's counsel has not only helped me in navigating through challenges while breastfeeding but has also been a great comfort and put my mind at ease while doing so." ~Colleen

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Image of breastfeeding class: starting solid foods, teething baby, and how to wean a baby.

“No matter where you are in your breastfeeding journey, breastfeeding is hard and Kealy is soo helpful.” ~ Rachel

This class will help you to:

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The BIGGEST breastfeeding secrets are...


Simple, I know. But those secrets make the biggest difference in the world. With knowledge of breastfeeding basics, you will be equipped to breastfeed in the face of challenges. You will have all the tools you need to breastfeed from day one. 

And trust me, with breastfeed knowledge in your toolkit things will be so much easier. 

They won’t be perfect because… 

Even though breastfeeding is natural, it isn’t always easy. 

But having the knowledge will equip you in ways you wouldn’t have imagined. When you combine knowledge with support, you have everything you will need to breastfeed with success. 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You made it through the first 6 months of breastfeeding!

Congratulations mama, great job! This class is designed for the rest of your breastfeeding journey, until you are finished weaning.

For babies newborn through 6 months, the Breastfeeding Basics class is for you.

"Kealy gave great advice that really helped. I would recommend her to anyone needing help with breastfeeding." ~Kate

A Little About Me

Certified Lactation Counselor offering online breastfeeding classes holding her baby.

Hey there!


My name is Kealy. 



I’m a nurse and most importantly a mommy! In fact that’s why I got into lactation counseling



When I had my first baby, breastfeeding was SO HARD. She didn’t want to latch, had jaundice, I dealt with supply issues, clogged ducts, and a whole lot more problems. 



I looked for help, but it was either incredibly expensive or a trek across town that I couldn’t muster up the energy to do. I decided to put my RN experience to good use and be a breastfeeding helper to moms everywhere. My online breastfeeding classes are tailored for any new mom – breastfeeding support makes all the difference. 



I’ve been blessed to be able to meet moms where they’re at, and I work hard to make sure they feel heard. Because that’s what I wanted when I had breastfeeding struggles!

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Basic + Advanced Breastfeeding Class



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30 Day Money Back Gurantee