One Week of Texting Breastfeeding Support

This option is for moms that want the ability to text someone simple breastfeeding questions. If you have supply questions, want to know about weaning, or going back to work this is a great option for you!

You've already tried everything to try to get breastfeeding going right.

Breastfeeding is natural, so it should be easy right? Unfortunately that’s often not the case. 

What you really need is support, from someone who has been where you are right now.

Hi, I'm Kealy and I help mommies and babies breastfeed successfully.

I know what it’s like when breastfeeding hurts every time you try. You know it’s important to get baby latched on right, but it never goes the way it should. You have questions, leading to more questions- meanwhile you’re exhausted and don’t know where to turn.

It doesn't have to be that way, though!

When I needed support, I looked for professional answers. I needed a real person to talk to, and I found help… but it was incredibly expensive! So I decided to give mom’s a better option. 

As an RN, I decided to become certified in lactation counseling and offer help online for a good price. Now, moms and their babies can access professional breastfeeding support from home! 

Here's what you get in this package:

A thorough history of you and your baby, detailing the problems you are having or questions you have. This history is emailed before support begins. 

One initial phone consult that will last no longer than 20 minutes. After going over your history, this helps me get to know you a little better and get started with initial support.

One week of texting starts after the initial phone consult. Your questions will be answered on the day they are received by the end of the day. I usually get back to you much sooner and more frequently, but you will receive a response by end of day minimum. 

Texting is HIPPAA compliant, meaning you and your baby’s personal information will be safe. This requires you to download an app that we will communicate through. I will send you simple download instructions before service begins. 

...this option gives you access to breastfeeding help for 7 days.

How to book texting breastfeeding support

Still not sure? Let’s schedule your free 10-minute consult to see if we’re a good fit


Ready to get started? Great! Take a look at my schedule and choose a day and time for your initial consult (which will be immediately followed by a week of text support).