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Being A Stay At Home Mom: What I Love

What do I love about being a stay at home mom? It’s the simple things.

I just started a load of laundry.

Turning the knob and hearing the water splash into the washing machine, I looked over at my daughter holding her stuffed elephant. Her messy hair and smiley face made me feel grateful.

That’s what made me think about all the simple things that make me love being a stay at home mom.

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Seeing The Milestones

This is one of the best parts.

Hearing my little one say mommy, watching her take her first steps, and teaching her how to eat with a spoon. They might be little things, but I think they’re the best part about being a stay at home mom. I just love watching her grow and being a part of the things she’s learning.

Each day can sometimes seem tedious and run together. They’re filled with diaper changes, chasing a toddler, and taking care of our home. While it doesn’t seem like much changes day to day, I look back on a month ago. Six months ago. A year ago. My baby has grown so much. She is forming words and walking on her own two feet. The changes are slow… but happened so fast at the same time.

I know I’m lucky. I don’t have to drop my daughter off at daycare. Many moms do it and I think they’re amazing for working. But I feel blessed that I don’t have to leave her with someone else for the majority of her waking hours. I don’t take it for granted, and every day I’m thankful for the opportunity I’ve been given to stay at home and raise my children.

Making It Home

Our house is an old 1930s farmhouse in the middle of a small town. It’s quaint, with the ugliest wallpaper you’ve ever seen on the walls.

No, really. I’m not exaggerating.

Our guest bathroom had walls covered with GIANT green leaves. It was like walking into the jungle. I called it a party for your eyes.

Thankfully, paint has been invented. I’ve gotten quite good at wallpaper removal and the eye-assault is decreasing throughout our home. I’ve been able to paint our bathrooms, remodel our kitchen, and install new floors. It’s a slow process with a little one running around but seeing the progress is satisfying.

Not only the updates make it home…

It’s the noise, the sun, the bodies. The sound of the washing machine running or the heater blowing. The sun shining through our east-facing windows. Our french bulldog laying on her back, tongue out, sunning herself on the floor. Those things fill a house with bustle and comfort. They are small things but make a house feel like a home.

Freedom To Do

Freedom to do… what?

Well, anything I guess.

As I’m writing this, I have a round belly with feet kicking me. Pregnancy is hard work. I have freedom to sit on the couch when my back hurts, take a nap with the toddler, go outside for fresh air. As my body grows tired and sore, I’m blessed to be able to rejuvenate freely during the day.

Oops, I forgot to water the garden this morning. Oh well, I’ll just go grab the hose right now and do it. That’s freedom I’m thankful for. To have the hours during the day to forget things. To remember things. If I didn’t have those daylight hours, my garden would be dead. Maybe not even started. The freedom of my day gives me countless opportunities to plant tomatoes, forget to water them, and then remember… and water them.

My daily freedom also gives me the ability to focus my energy on something I’m passionate about. Not only do I get to stay home with my children, I can also work on my small business. I love helping moms breastfeed. I’m constantly creating new information for moms to increase their knowledge. I’m improving my breastfeeding classes and talking with moms on the phone. It’s rewarding for me and helpful for moms who need breastfeeding help.

Blessing My Husband

My husband is a gift from God. He’s my second half, and I’m thankful for him every day.

He’s the reason I get to stay at home. He works hard, and provides for our family. I love being able to give back to him the way he gives to me. His work is more obvious, with hours, bosses, and to-do lists. What I do every day is it’s own kind of work.

Working on my business throughout the day, I take breaks to throw in a load of laundry. I venture to the grocery store after finding a tasty recipe. I clean up the inevitable clutter and vacuum. The small actions I do let my husband know that I love him. It’s something I love about being a stay at home mom.

I’m not perfect.

Sometimes the house is a disaster when he gets home. You can bet that baby toys are a constant decoration in our living room. But when there’s a hot meal waiting after a long day, my husband is thankful for what I’ve done. He’s my biggest support in my business and in our home. He sees the things I accomplish throughout the day.

Sometimes being recognized for them is all I need.

After a difficult day, he always makes me feel successful. Even if the only thing I accomplished was changing diapers. Those are the days I want to give back to him. So when I have a good day, I love blessing him with the home I’m making. That might be a meal, fresh laundry, a clean kitchen. Those days are wins and I love blessing my husband with them.

Being Where I Want To Be

I admire moms that are able to work full-time and take care of their family and home. It’s hard work deserving of praise. I worked long hours in hospitals and clinics before I had children. Even without kids, the days were long and exhausting.

I can’t help but be grateful for being home each day instead of working long hours. I loved my patients and being a nurse was a passion. But I’m able to still do that in a different capacity. Staying at home I not only care for the moms I help, but I care for my children. I am a nurse with the capacity to do my work in two roles- as professional and as mommy.

I get to do all that from home.

Sometimes at the end of the day, I’m still exhausted. But it’s different. It’s not from the stress of standing all day on my feet. Nor is it from stressful colleague or patient interactions. It’s from being where I want to be, pouring myself into my family and my home. That’s what I love about being a stay at home mom.

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